Looking past the window shades in politics

The current battle between Presidential candidate Romney and President Obama has created a flood of blinding topics. In the news we see groups calling for the tax information on Romney, while others continue to make a big deal about President Obama’s birth certificate and College transcripts. The problem is that everyone is taking their eye’s of the real issues at hand. Who earned more and who paid taxes, or who went to school where are nothing more than distractions. We need to see beyond these distractions and look at the real issues. How are we going to get this economy in check, President Obama promised smaller government and instead we got a bigger government with more legislative powers. President Obama promised more jobs by helping companies to grow, but instead he helped pass more environmental laws that restrict growth and reduce job creation. President Obama promised decreased spending, and in fact spent more money on failed projects than ever before increasing our total deficit by trillions. President Obama promised Obama care, and yes we got this, but many experts claim that it will only worsen our citizens health care. Now we have Romney, making claims that he will be able to fix our economy. So far it is truly unclear how this will be done in his part, it is easy to throw plans out in the wild, but in reality it is very hard to implement these plans without a true understanding of the state of our economy and real financial figures from all areas of our government system.

What the American people need is someone to tell us the truth, tell us how you have no real idea how to fix the system until you can see the real economic data, not just the final numbers. The country needs someone who can come out and tells us, where all the problems are at, and how we can fix each problem at a time. In the real world, solutions are found after taking all the necessary steps to find every single problem and then a solution is presented, and not by presenting a solution before you even have a true idea of where all the problems are located. I want to hear only one thing from these candidates in their political ads, how exactly do they plan to fix the economy, give me raw data, and stop blaming each other on how much they are making or on where they come from or how they messed up in the past. I want to see how you can learn from you past failures and fix today’s and tomorrows problems.