How would you score the President on his term?

In the upcoming elections we are going to be faced with a choice, vote for the new guy with promises of a new beginning and economic recovery, or vote for the current President who has had three years to fulfill his promises of change. The choice we make will either render our nation useless or create a pillar of recovery. So, how do we choose? well, if we were to consider this as a corporate decision, the choice would become more clear. In many corporations around the world, it is the years behind you and ensure that you stay as corporate CEO or end-up in the unemployment line. As voters, we should be worried more about the guy who has had the time and resources to improve our economic status. It is now the job of the people to score the President on his accomplishments during his term.

In the corporate world, CEO’s are rated based on their ability to help a corporation grow, and their ability to handle corporate mishaps and economic downfalls. President Obama promised the American People several things, one of these things was the creation of jobs. How has President Obama done on creating Jobs? Well, so far overall we have lost more jobs than were created. One fix offered by President Obama in the first years of his term was to produce temporary jobs in the government reconstruction efforts. As all American know now, that program was a complete failure and a costly one. The President also offered to save some corporations that he believed would help create jobs, one such example was the investment of millions of dollars into green technologies, more specifically the Solar industry. The investment cost the tax payers millions and all they got was a number of bankrupt solar companies. The President favored the bailout of several corporations here in the U.S. instead many companies used that money to fund overseas operations. There has been a great deal of talk from the President on how his rival will only work to help the Rich, this is comical, specially since the President spent millions in his first year helping large corporations survive economically and many resulted in failure, taking millions with them.

It is clear that the focus of the new guy should be at best based on his successes and failures, at  best because he is incoming and we have yet to see what he can bring, but the focus on the President should be entirely on his failures and successes, mainly because he was given the opportunity to find the problems and seek solutions and apply those solutions. In my next posting we will continue talking about how to score the president.


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